Branding Yourself

by admin on March 4, 2011

RistList Lunch

RistList Lunch

Monthly we have a RistList Lunch for Women Owners.

Sometimes we invite a guest presenter – on a topic to support women owners to grow a business, or to add a revenue stream, or to shape her business to support her life style goals.

RistList Lunch – Wednesday, March 9, 2011

They Get It Wrong – Your Introduction

Did you ever have someone introduce you to another person, and you thought:

“good grief, is that what she thinks that I do!”

If you do not brand yourself, you will be branded by someone else – right or wrong.

This month’s lunch includes a 17 page workbook to easily create the words that you want to hear other people saying – the words that you will use in your intro, your materials, your website, and your PR tagline for magazine quotes. (Someone got mine wrong in a magazine last month! ARGG)

Norma Rist will present Branding Yourself — Your Introduction Should Work for You. “I have taught marketing workshops for women owners for more than 12 years, and the segment on Branding and Magnet Introductions is one of the keys to success. This topic is a three hour workshop – we will offer it as a fast-track overview in one hour.”

Come and learn:
Where does marketing/branding start for a service business?
Why do you create packages for your services?
What is the idea behind your products/services?
How do you plan how to describe your services in 3 easy steps?
What are the styles of introductions- which will fit me? When do you need a primary and a secondary part to your introduction?
Why does your name NOT go at the beginning of a good intro?
What are the 5 different types of intros you may need?
How to get success with great branding; branding that will attract your best prospects and repel those who are not.

The Woman’s City Club, 732 W. Exchange St., Akron, OH 44302.
Parisian Room – Left through the dining room.

$25 at the door. ($20 for Boardroom Group Members.) Includes 17 page workbook.

There will be an additional Q&A following for those who wish individual assistance.

Attendees may register at Payment by cash, check or charge at the door.


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